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How to Create Easy Notification Bars For Your Website

Notification Bars

Notification Bars Keep Customers and Site Visitors Informed?

Are you updating your site’s services and seeking the perfect way to inform all your visitors?   Sometimes it can be challenging to find the best method of updating these folks.  Luckily, there’s an easy solution: site notification bars.

That’s right, in this post, we’re going to clarify what a website notification bar is with OptinMonster.   You can update your site visitors with your most important updates with these optin tools.

whats a notification bar

What’s a Website Notification Bar?

A website notification bar is a little banner that sits on top of your site and provides your visitors with information without getting in the way of any subject matter.  You have probably seen these before.

These types of promotions are effective for sharing material such as:

  • Countdown timers
  • Building your email list.
  • Notifying your site’s visitors about important
  • New content updates on your website
  • Providing timely alert messages.

Creating a website notification bar with OptinMonster is simple.

WooCommerce Announcement Bar.

Your WooCommerce shop has amazing products, killer content, and supreme deals.  So what is the problem?

You need visitors to know about your offers.

A WooCommerce announcement bar is the best solution to attract your customers’ awareness where you want to.  By making it clear that your customers do not miss out on your offers, and how you can better serve them.

WooCommerce Announcement Bar

What Is a WooCommerce Announcement Bar?

A WooCommerce announcement bar is a banner announcement that appears on the bottom or top of your website’s page to provide your audience with useful information.  That can be letting your audience know about:

  • Site Updates.
  • Product Specials.
  • Company News.
  • Lead magnets (to build your email list).

And so much more.

There are plenty of WordPress notification bar plugins on the marketplace, none are close to being effective as OptinMonster.

That’s because their simple campaign builder saves you time while their many targeting choices give you the option to choose where your promotion is shown.

Quite simply, their WooCommerce notification bars get superior results in less time.

special offers from notification

Announcement Bar in Shopify to Boost Sales.

Do you need to display a free shipping bar displayed your website which encourages customers to take action?  Giving your customers free product transport can be a great reason to turn shoppers into customers.

SO how do you inform your customers that you’re offering totally free shipping? Among the best explanations is with a floating bar at the header of your site.

OM Banner3 1

Add a free shipping bar with OptinMonster.

  • WooCommerce shop.
  • BigCommerce Shop.
  • Shopify store.
  • Magento store.

What’s a Free Shipping Bar?

A free shipping bar is a hovering banner that displays in the header of your site, informing visitors of your offer of free shipping.  That’s a great way.

Do you have to let more visitors on your Shopify store know about offers and sales?  An announcement bar can be the best way.

An announcement bar, also described as a welcome header bar, lets site traffic view your important news.  Whether you’re telling visitors about your free shipping offer or posting a time out on a sale, it is amongst the easiest ways to get new customers’ attention.

A floating bar is also a great supplement to other marketing promotions.  Popups are also highly effective, but once people hit that”X”, your message has left.  Repeating your message will guarantee your visitors don’t miss that offer.  Repeating the same offer on a single page is really effective.

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