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hcaptcha with WPforms

Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

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WPForms has introduced an extremely useful and streamlined tool called the “hCaptcha”, which is used to prevent automated forms from being submitted to your website. Essentially, the hCaptcha is a type of approval screen that allows visitors to enter their first and last name, email address, and possibly other contact details before submitting the form. This has been designed as a simple security mechanism in order to limit the entry of automated submissions, but the WordPress plugin hCaptcha by default includes a number of additional features that can greatly improve its effectiveness.

The features that hCaptcha are offering


The hCaptcha plugin offers a number of different ways to utilize the security features of this particular form. One such way is to add a “counter” to all of the form fields, which displays a message to the visitor if they attempt to submit the form and it’s unsuccessful. In addition to preventing automated submissions, the counter can also be used to display a message in case there is a problem with the email address being entered (such as an incorrect email address). Some advanced features of the hCaptcha plugin allow for the creation of forms that are automatically approved whenever a user submits them, which is an extremely useful feature when implementing autofill features on your website.

hcaptcha vector 02The hCaptcha plugin is by far one of the most effective methods available for ensuring that only legitimate visitors make use of the automatic form submitters that are placed on your website. The majority of websites will contain form fields that allow users to choose the level of security they want to employ when filling out the forms.

For example, some websites will have a “minimize forms fill code” option that enables a user to submit the form to be reviewed but still have the ability to edit the information that is provided on the form. There are several different levels of security that you may wish to enable for your website, so be sure to explore all of the various options that are available to you.

An additional feature that is included in the WPForms hCaptcha integration is the ability for a user with the correct authorization to edit the form fields. If the form fill code was previously submitted and edited by a visitor to your site, the user who is authorized to access this information can make the necessary changes that are necessary to ensure that only authorized individuals have the ability to post information to your website.

In addition to the security concerns, it is important to understand how these forms work in order to take advantage of this feature. This video will illustrate how it works in order to offer the greatest benefit to website owners when using WordPress as their blogging platform.

The most important part of the form that a visitor is required to complete in order to be able to submit the form is the call for information. The hCaptcha plugin will automatically include a question field that is displayed on the page where the form is located. In order to allow visitors to complete the form, the question field will prompt the user with a variety of options, such as whether they would like to receive an email address or perhaps a newsletter subscription. Of course, you will still want to offer your visitors a means to change their answers if they do not choose the option that you have provided in the question text.

The WPForms hCaptcha feature will also automatically include a code at the top of each page that has the option to accept an email address as a valid email address. For example, if you have a blog or website that sells products through an email marketing campaign, you will want to make sure that all forms that are posted on your site are the proper type so that readers will not see a form that requires them to click on an “unsubscribe” button in order to be removed from your mailing list.

It is also a good idea to include a similar code at the top of each page that will require the user to enter their name and email address before being allowed to proceed. The use of this feature will require you to capture the name and email addresses of those that visit your website, but they will not be forced to do so under any circumstances.

Captcha in ComputerThere are some ways for you to incorporate the hCaptcha code into your WordPress site. First, you can place the code onto one or more of the forms that you want to use it on. You can also add it to the end of every page that your visitor arrives at. Finally, you can provide a small piece of code to your template so that each page will automatically include the hCaptcha code.

However, you may find that the best way for you to get your website ready for the hCaptcha integration is to place it onto every single page that your website visitors will end up on after they come to your site.

In order to take advantage of the ability of WPForms hCaptcha integration, you should first upload the plugin to your WordPress site. Next, register a user name and password for your site. Finally, place the plugin on any page on your website where a form is necessary so that every page that your website visitor enters their information onto will automatically be placed onto a form.

Download and Install WPForms


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