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8 Tips Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

8 Google Webmaster Tools For Your Website

If you have a web hosting company or a site, then the best tool you can have for your backend is Google Webmaster Tools and Google Console. The console has the operation to see what is being indexed by Google, how many times your web page has been searched by Google, and to get informed when changes to your website’s content are made.

You can use Google’s Webmaster Tools for monitoring statistics about your site’s performance. In fact, Google itself is a Webmaster Tools user.  Google Webmaster Tools monitors all the information regarding your website and makes it possible for you to create reports on all the pages that you manage to make.

The features in Google Webmaster Tools allow you to have more control over your search results and to track user-generated content, including your own.

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  1. Integrations:  It is important to know that, although the service includes features similar to Google Analytics, the data from it are not included in the Google API.
  2. Resources:  The Google Console program lets you manage the bandwidth that you’re using and how much storage space you’re using. The details about the numbers of your pages will also be exhibited.
  3. Alerts:  You can even set up alerts when the storage and bandwidth are used at a rate that exceeds what you allow.
  4. APPs:  Additionally, it is important to know that you can create new applications for Google Apps. This makes it much easier for you to manage your business and make it easier for you to track how well your applications are doing.
  5. STATS:  You can also report on how your website performs based on different features and the number of hits that your website receives.
  6. EDITOR:  Another feature of Google’s Webmaster Tools is the Google Website Editor. This will allow you to customize and personalize the look of your own website, and you can preview the features you need to include.
  7. REPORTS:  Google’s Webmaster Tools is powered by Google Webmaster Tools. But if you’re the type of person who likes to create reports manually, then there’s a Google Content Tracker that can help you track, manage, and do search engine optimization for your websites.  To make things simpler for you, you may even find Google Search Console tools for Google Webmaster Tools.
  8. PERFORMANCE:  The Search Console is a special kind of website that lets you view different aspects of your site’s performance, such as bounce rate, search engine rankings, search volume, and some statistics that Google calls page views. This is a tool that will help you to have a real sense of your website’s potential and makes it easier for you to make better choices.

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Google provides its users with the ability to send Google’s Content Viewer to make it easier for you to manage your blogs, pages, and sites. In case you’ve created a blog and your posts are still out there, you can send this tool to find missing links and other things that can help you improve your article marketing strategy.

Google provides a paid version of its site editor named Google Content Engine. This will allow you to create a website with powerful, scalable, and fully customizable layouts.

You can also get Google Docs which lets you make spreadsheets on your own. These tools are helpful for people who do plenty of data entry work and especially when you need to organize and display your own data.

These are the tools that you can choose from when you’re working with your website. It is good to use these tools regularly so you will have the ability to create your website to run properly.

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