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How To View Your Blog Emails With WP Mail SMTP?

Download and Install WPForms & Download WP Mail SMTP

So, you are a blogger or you are creating a new one. You are wondering how to read your blog emails with a mail SMTP. This is the same question that I used to ask myself before I actually started using my blog. Since then I have been using my blog to its full potential and have grown to a lot of readers. But one question I still get is how to view your emails in your blog.

How To View Your Blog Emails With WP Mail SMTP. How To View Your Blog Emails With WordPress Email SMTP is a simple process. You will want to install and activate the plugin for wp email messages. When the plugin is installed you will be able to view your logged-in email account from any computer by going to Tools in the admin panel.

This will open a new window or view your current logged-in email. Now you will have a choice of viewing the entire email or just parts of it. You may only want to look at the title, subject, and body of the emails. If you just want to see the part that you want just click on the section and view it like you would a normal email.

2 Different ways You May Open Your Blog Emails

Blog Emails Opening

Now, there are two different ways you can go about this. Some people feel more comfortable knowing their email messages are viewable by everyone. In this case, I would advise you to go the extra mile and set up private read/write groups for your emails. This will prevent the spam bots from stealing your subscriber’s information and selling them to spammers. It also keeps you safe from getting hacked because if anyone who isn’t your subscriber can read your email they won’t be able to send you any of your personal info.

To do this you need to create a group and add members. To join this group you will have to go to your email provider and add a feature to your account. To do this just log into your account and click on “Groups” located in the main menu. Once you are there just click the “Add Email Log” button. Now you are ready to create a new email log.

You will then need to choose a name for your new account. The name is what people will use to access your private log. Your private log is only accessible by you and your trusted family and friends. To make sure that nobody has access to your email, you will need to add your nicknames to the title. This is basically just a way for you to be recognized as the person behind your email address. Just make sure that whoever sees your Nickname knows it is you.

Password Protected Email

The next step is to go ahead and change the password to the group you created. When you are on the main page of the site you will find the drop-down box where you select “change password”. If you don’t have a password just select “add a new password” and use a strong password that you will use with all of your emails. You can change your password anytime you like, however, you have to remember it for each email. This makes it more secure for you and adds to the overall security measures of your account.

Adding anonymous to your email address will also allow you to create new emails without having to write the full email address. To add anonymously you will click on the “mailing list” located on the upper right corner of your main page and then look for the options there. You will find an option for adding anonymous with your real name or you can add your Anonmail address with a nickname.

Download and Install WPForms & Download WP Mail SMTP

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