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7 Website Design Tips & SEO Content Optimization

Website Design Tips & SEO Content Optimization

Top Website Design Tips for Content, and Search Engine Optimization

There are numerous great tips to help keep your website as visible to Google and other search engines as possible, but many websites don’t utilize them to the best of their abilities.

Here are the seven top “SEO Content Guidelines” that you will have to bear in mind, but they’re also the most neglected methods by some webmasters.

SEO Website Design Tips

1.   Keywords:  Include the most important keyword or phrase in the title or at the very least a short catchy phrase to give your webpage a general idea of what it’s about. You need to do this since the title is what is displayed on the first page of Google, so it should be something that the searchers are searching for and will be able to easily find without needing to read the entire thing. The key here is to make sure you include the important keywords and phrases.

Backlink Strategy

2.  Backlinks:  Don’t forget to optimize your website with link-building methods, like blogs, forum posts, and social bookmarking. Search engines look at these techniques as being helpful for you in your quest to rank high. Search engine optimization works well when you have a nicely written piece of content on your site that is easily found. You want quality content that the visitors can easily skim through, then read through to find out about what you need to offer.

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3.  Link Building:  Linking can be extremely important, especially to the major search engines. Search engines love links, and your website should have them to help with your SEO. The fantastic news is that you can get links from places such as blogs, forums, and social bookmarking websites to aid with your website design, but you will have to make sure the links are relevant and interesting enough to the particular keyword that the search engines are using to locate the information they require.

4.  Web Design:  Another thing you need to remember about the design of your site is that you want it to look professional. Search engine crawlers are not going to be impressed with a messy site with a poor layout, so you should strive to maintain a clean, professional appearance. You should follow the strict guidelines of best practices, and the layout ought to be easy to read and understand.

Social Media

5.  Social Media:  You should also include social media buttons, links, and other tools on your website to publicize your company, your products, and whatever else you have to offer on your site. Having social media on your website is essential for those who enjoy social networking on the internet, so make sure you take the opportunity to incorporate social media into your design.

6.  SEO Analysis:  Ensure your site is optimized for the most popular search engines. In order to do so, make certain you have a site map and keyword density analysis that help you identify the phrases or words the search engine finds most relevant to your site. This is especially critical for the long-tail keywords that you will be optimizing for, as the fewer searches there are for this term, the higher up on the rankings you’ll be on the list.

User Experience

7.  User Experience;  The last, and probably most overlooked SEO tip, is that the search engines have more sophisticated technology now than ever, so be sure you know what keywords are important to your visitors and provide them with the best possible experience when visiting your website.

All of these search engine optimization tips can help keep your website visible to the search engines, but make sure that you understand the basics of how to use them to their full potential. SEO is just as important on mobile but might look like it is not worth it if your site is simply an outdated website.

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