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Why Your Website Needs a Form Builder Plugin – Best WP Form Builder Review

Best WPForms plugin Review - MAX Sales Leads

Tired of contact forms with bloated and buggy WordPress plugins?

Download and Install WPForms

Odds are you have not attempted WPForms, the most beginner-friendly forms plugin in the WordPress ecosystem. Within this WPForms plugin review, we will have a look at its features, add-ons, and what makes WPForms the very intuitive WordPress plugin on the marketplace.

Form Creates By WP Form Builder

Why Your Website Needs a Form Builder Plugin

Every WordPress website needs a contact kinds plugin, no matter its traffic or niche.  With a contact form will protect you from hackers and spammers. You can maintain your WordPress site more secure Using a contact form rather than displaying your email address. By doing this, you are protecting your email from spammers who send unwanted offers and phishing emails.  Using forms also saves you time.

why you need form builder plugin

By using a contact form, it is possible to define what necessary details you will want to know when your customers and potential clients are reaching out you.  A best WordPress variant plugin Will also permit you to integrate more features such as an email newsletter subscription checkbox on your contact form. This can help you to follow up on prospects and develop a long-term relationship together.

Easily Build WordPress Types in Minutes

Building online forms in WordPress has never been easier thanks to WPForms.

WPForms frequently claims to be the most beginner-friendly WordPress form Builder in presence and hugely emphasizes the advantage it offers to construct a WordPress form.

Easy Install WPForm Plugin

With WPForms, you do not need to employ a WordPress developer or even Touch a single line of code to make a WordPress form. You need to be able to make a form in a matter of minutes no matter you wish to make an easy contact form or a complex form, like registration or payment type.

Can WPForms live up to their hype of being the very beginner-friendly WordPress form builder? Let us take a look:

The Powerful and User-Friendly WordPress Form Builder

With WPForms’ easy-to-use drag and drop builder, you can create any Type of forms in just a couple of minutes without needing to touch any code.

Removing and adding form fields can be completed in just a single click. Besides, it is easy to rearrange the fields each your requirements with drag and drop.

Countless Form Templates to Choose From

With WPForms, you do not necessarily need to create a WordPress variant from scratch. The core plugin comes bundled with several pre-built form templates to choose from such as:

    • Blank Form
    • Simple Contact Form
    • Request a Quote Form
    • Donation Form
    • Billing / Order Form
    • Newsletter Signup Form
    • Poll and Survey Form
    • And more…

Wish to make a WordPress variant tailored to your industry or market Without needing to build it from the bottom up? Then you need to set up the Form Templates Pack addon.

The Form Templates Pack addon allows you to pick from a huge variety of Pre-built templates for each industry. That means no matter the industry you are in, you will get the ideal form template in WPForms. This saves you time since you do not always have to construct a form from the bottom up.

Rather, simply look for the form template you want to use and after It seems, click on it. Your form should now be created immediately. After making the necessary modifications, you can go ahead and publish the form.

Easily Embed Your Form From the Post/Page Editor

To embed a form in a post or a page, you are not required to replicate and Glue the shortcode manually. Instead, head over to your post/page editor in which you wish to publish your own form. Click the Insert Form button that you can find just above the text editor. A modal popup will appear asking you to select the ideal form. Pick the Ideal type and hit the Insert Form button.

Construct Advanced Forms in Minutes, Not Hours

Download and Install WPForms

advanced WordPress forms

With WPForms, building an advanced form in your WordPress site is a breeze. Let us take a look at some examples of how WPForms lets you build advanced WordPress forms efficiently.

1 Create a Survey / Poll Form

The Surveys or Polls addon enables you to quickly run a survey or Poll on your WordPress site. Moreover, you also get best-in-class survey reports with WPForms.

When coupled with conditional logic, you can even customize your poll questions based on customers’ responses.

WPForms also allows you to openly share your results on your site or with your followers on social networking.

2 Create a Custom Login or Registration Form

If you are running a community-powered website like membership websites , Forums, market social networks, or any other websites that require users to register an account, then you may want to make a custom login form on your website. The most important benefit of creating a personalized login or enrollment form is that you can embed it anywhere on your website.

This way you do not always have to direct users to the default login page. By developing a customized login page, you can display a consistent brand to your customers, giving your website a more professional look.

3 Collect Payments Inside Your Form

Whether you want to accept online donations for your nonprofits or Have to collect payments for electronic downloads, WPForms makes that easy for you.

You can accept payments through PayPal Standard or Stripe integration.

WPForms also allows you to display pictures of your products in the Order form, providing users a visual look at what they are ordering.

4 Create a Article Submission Form

Do you need to take user-generated content on your website?

With WPForms’ Post Entry addon, you can take user-generated Content, like guest posts, user reviews, testimonials on your website without needing to offer the backend access to every user. When a post is submitted through your post submission form, it is going to appear on your article editor for your review as a new forthcoming article.

After making the necessary modifications, you can print or even discard the article.

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All of the Needed Characteristics Out of the Box

WPForms comes with the set of features from the box, without the bloat.

All field types are categorized into 3 distinct sections: Standard Fields, Fancy Fields and Payment Fields.

Standard Fields comprises basic field types Name, Email, Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, etc..

Fancy Fields includes areas like Phone, File Upload, Website / URL, Page Break, Captcha, etc..

Payment Fields includes fields such as Credit Card, Total (amoun), Single Thing (payment), Multiple Items (payment), etc..

WPForms is highly optimized for server and web performance to guarantee maximum speed. It is also possible to deploy a CDN support to improve your site speed.

Every form you produce is 100% mobile responsive, which means that your forms will always look great on all apparatus.

Best of all, you can easily embed your forms anywhere on Your Website Whether it’s blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footer, etc.. All you will need to do is to grab the shortcode and paste it where you want to embed the form, or use the built-in widget.

With WPForms, you will also have the ability to create multi-page Forms, enable file uploads, hide or display fields with conditional logic, and much more.

Dozens of Integrations With Add-ons

WPForms also has a Wide Selection of add-ons that enables you to expand its Built-in functionalities and integrate with other popular email marketing tools and cloud programs.

Email Markeing WP plugin

Let us take a look at a number of its Email Marketing Add-ons below.

Email Marketing Integrations: You can automatically add Contributors to your email list from any form. WPForms integrates with the next email advertising tools:

    •     Constant Contact (no addon required)
    •     AWeber
    •     MailChimp
    •     Campaign Monitor
    •     GetResponse

Custom Captcha: Combat spam form submissions by allowing Custom Captcha. You may specify either your own questions or arbitrary math questions.

Geolocation: Gather and store your site visitors’ location data together with their type entry.

Payment Processors: Produce donation forms or order forms by integrating PayPal and Stripe with your form.

Post Submissions: Produce a front-end post submissions type and Begin accepting user-generated content such as guest articles, user reviews, and much more without your visitors having to log into.

Signature: Produce a contract form or arrangement form and permit users to sign it on line by using their mouse or touch screen.

User Registration: Create a custom user registration form and Embed it on the most suitable place, so users can make an account on your website without seeing the default login page.

Zapier: Connect your form together with 500+ web programs. With this addon, the integration possibilities are endless.

Surveys and Polls: Construct forms and surveys and analyze the information with interactive reports.

Form Abandonment: Connect with your prospects even if they left the form halfway.

Offline Forms: Save forms data in the browser while offline and submit the information once the world wide web is restored.

Form Templates Pack: Pick from a massive assortment of pre-built templates to save you time.

See more the reason why you need WPForms 

Pricing and Support for WPForms Plugin

The best thing about WPForms is that it is best suited for sites of all sizes and budgets.

Whether you are running a site, small business, a nonprofit Organization, eCommerce company or another website, you’ll discover the WPForms plugin tremendously helpful alike.

If you do not have a budget to get a contact form plugin or want to check Drive the fundamental features before spending on the top version, you can begin with the lite version, which will be available to download for free from the official WordPress plugin repository.

The pricing for the basic version starts from $31.60 for one site license. Moreover, you’ll receive access to this Form Templates Pack addon.

Their most popular strategy is Guru, which gives you access to all addons For 25 websites and priority service for a calendar year, which costs $159.60.

They also give an Elite program for unlimited sites, WordPress multisite support and customer management feature for $239.60.

Support is given by the ticket-based email service system. WPForms Support team is fast and highly rated in consumer reviews. All the features and add-ons are well explained in their extensive documentation, with detailed tutorials and easy to follow guides.

WPForms Lite vs. Pro

The free or the lite version of WPForms is a great option if you’re just starting out. It gives limited form features that allows you create a simple contact form on your website. The drag-and-drop form builder makes designing your form and adding fields to it super simple. Additionally, you only have 4 distinct templates to select from.

WPForms Pro Obviously provides more features than its lite version. Apart from all of the templates available in the lite version, the pro version also offers 3 additional templates.

You also have some extra fields that you can add to Your Website Like telephone number, time and date, star ratings, etc.. The pro version also enables you to upload a document and password protect your own form.

The Guru and the Elite program features priority support too. And just like The lite version the pro version also is responsive to mobile devices and is cross-browser compatible. If you would like to make an innovative contact form like a billing order or a newsletter then they would advise you to choose the pro version.

Our Verdict on WPForms as the Ideal WordPress Forms Plugin

WPForms was built with one purpose in mind: build a WordPress Plugin that is both simple and powerful, so even a complete beginner can create WordPress forms without needing to hire a programmer.

The forms made with WPForms are amazingly quick and SEO friendly. The drag and drop builder makes form creation a breeze. On top of that, it allows integration with several tools such as email marketing tools, payment processors, web programs and other helpful add-ons.

You may also want to check out the complete comparisons involving,

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  •     WPForms vs FormStack

They can confidently state that WPForms is the most beginner-friendly WordPress forms plugin on the marketplace.

Download and Install WPForms

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